LangChain Expands Collaboration with Microsoft

LangChain Expands Collaboration with Microsoft

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Today, we’re thrilled to announce a collaboration between LangChain and Microsoft.

LangChain helps developers build context-aware reasoning applications and powers some of the most exciting products in AI. And Microsoft has repeatedly pushed the frontier of innovation and safety in technology broadly. 

By collaborating more closely with Microsoft, we’re thrilled to offer our joint customers deeper product integrations that live up to our company’s commitment to AI with the enterprise assurances the Azure ecosystem provides. We’re also announcing LangChain’s inclusion in the Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program.


The AI industry is moving at a breakneck pace, and we’ve been impressed with how quickly large enterprises have mobilized to embrace this new wave. They look to LangChain because the framework provides speed of iteration, choice and flexibility, and the latest cognitive architectures and interaction patterns out-of-the-box.

Startups to Fortune 500 companies already rely on LangChain to:

  • build support assistants and co-pilots,
  • power natural language search and discovery experiences, and
  • augment existing offerings with premium features to create new revenue streams.

While the promise of large language model (LLM) applications is business acceleration and productivity savings, the path to realizing those is hard and comes with new considerations and risks. That’s why we built LangSmith. LangSmith is a complementary SaaS product that helps manage the entire LLM-powered application lifecycle — all while improving developer productivity, decreasing time to production, and hardening applications to be more reliable at scale. For many enterprises, the combination of LangChain / LangSmith + Azure services (for example, Azure Machine Learning, Azure AI Search, and Microsoft Fabric) is the right toolkit to meet the opportunities and challenges of building applications for the GenAI world.

“Microsoft Azure is the most trusted AI Cloud for the enterprise, and we continue to invest in areas that strengthen our leadership position in language model operations and prompt orchestration. We’re excited to work closely with LangChain to streamline product adoption and to explore continued integration opportunities across the Azure and LangChain ecosystem to better serve our customers.” – Eric Boyd, CVP of Azure AI Platform.
“We have tremendous respect for Microsoft and the AI services that they provide to enterprises across the world. We have many customers of LangSmith – Rakuten Group, Moody’s to name a couple — that build with Azure services, and we’re excited to meet them where they are.” – Harrison Chase, CEO LangChain.

LangChain’s collaboration with Microsoft will give joint users and customers:

  • Deeper product integrations. LangChain and Microsoft will continue to invest in breadth and depth of product integrations. Users of both benefit from LangChain’s orchestration and LangSmith’s monitoring of Azure OpenAI Service, Azure AI Search, Azure AI Document Intelligence, Microsoft Presidio, and more. Microsoft and LangChain will also collaborate to design and identify improvement areas that will make LangServe easier to deploy on Azure.
  • Ease of procurement of LangSmith in Azure Marketplace. After completion of the Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program, LangChain will offer customers the ability to procure LangSmith in the Azure Marketplace as a transactable offering, and customers will be able to retire their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) on their purchase. 
  • Data security peace-of-mind with LangSmith deployments within the customer’s Azure VPC. For enterprises especially, data security and privacy are non-negotiables. Many customers want full control over their data, and LangSmith will be offered as a transactable Azure Application, deployed wholly in the customer’s VPC. 

We’re at the starting line of a fantastic collaboration that will benefit our joint customers greatly. If your company is using LangChain / LangSmith and Microsoft Azure, we want to support you better; get in touch and tell us how at