Robocorp’s code generation assistant makes building Python automation easy for developers

Robocorp’s code generation assistant makes building Python automation easy for developers

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Robocorp was founded in 2019 out of frustration that the promise of developers being able to automate monotonous work hadn’t been realized. Right out of the gate, their Python-based platform helped teams of all shapes and sizes build and operate automations more efficiently. But, they knew they could deliver even more value for their customers through Generative AI by helping the automation developers write better code, faster.


The Robocorp team conceived an AI-powered developer assistant named ReMark. ReMark can answer specific automation questions and generate code in seconds, ensuring that developers wouldn’t have to start from scratch. “It's not just a chatbot. It's like a knowledgeable senior developer, familiar with Robocorp's dev tools and automation libraries,”says Tommi Holmgren, VP of Product at Robocorp.

ReMark helps practitioners by generating functional code snippets relevant to their use case. The chat interface is a great fit for iterating solutions, spotting errors, and discovering the best keywords to use from the extensive Robocorp library. 

Robocorp turned to LangChain. It provides a single, composable, solution that makes it easy to unify many sources of data. Making it possible to build an application that could take advantage of the thousands of lines of real automation examples and documentation on the Robocorp platform. LangChain also offered a straightforward blueprint for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) applications and any easy onramp for experimenting with agents.

Robocorp is all-in on code. Anyone who can speak natural language can use ReMark to translate ideas into Python bots. For non-developers ReMark offers an AI assisted path to start building code-based bots without limitations of no-code tools, and for developers ReMark brings speed and efficiency.


Happier customers

“Developers who have embraced the new capabilities come back to us happy and report they are building bots 4x faster,” says Tommi Holmgren, VP of Product at Robocorp. ReMark has already been a meaningful accelerant to the Robocorp business. 

Reduction in support hours

Robocorp saves hundreds of hours on support requests because customers are self-serving answers to their problems. “Now we can scale our business faster than we scale our headcount, without sacrificing the level of support our users are accustomed to,” says Antti Karjalainen, Robocorp founder and CEO. “And we can focus on what we love–building products that really move the needle for our customers.”