TED AI Hackathon Kickoff (and projects we’d love to see)

TED AI Hackathon Kickoff (and projects we’d love to see)

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The TED AI Hackathon kicks off October 14 and we’re excited to be their partner in bringing it to life! TED has a long history of inspiring and educating great thinkers and builders and we can’t wait to see what everyone builds.

You can register here and here's a video walkthrough of the event.

We’re anticipating (and hoping!) there are many of you who might be building with LLMs for the first time. So, we thought we’d share some resources to help you get started and ideas for apps that we’d love to see (and share out with the broader community!). We’ll also be sponsoring a prize for the winner of the best LLM application category!

Getting Started with LangChain

  • Here’s how to install LangChain, set up your environment, and start building. It’s as simple as: 'pip install langchain'
  • Here’s our Quickstart guide, designed to familiarize yourself with the LangChain framework through building your first LangChain application.
  • Here’s a link to use-case specific walkthroughs for question and answering, interacting with APIs, chatbots, extraction, code understanding, summarization, tagging, web scraping, and more!
  • YouTube tutorials: Here’s a list of tutorials created by our community that we think are especially helpful.
  • Inspiration: Check out our gallery of some of our favorite applications built on top of LangChain.
  • You can also get your feet wet by contributing to our open source repo. Here’s a list of good first issues to try.

LangChain Prompt Hub

We recently launched LangChain Hub, a home for submitting, discovering, inspecting, and remixing prompts. It’s still (very) early days–we see it as not only a useful tool for helping developers build faster, but also as a way for the entire community to get collectively smarter on prompting overall.

We hope you’ll contribute prompts and try each other’s out–here’s how.

Projects we’d love to see (and share with the LangChain community!)

  • applications that use open source models
  • innovative retrieval tactics
  • practical agents
  • adventurous agents
  • apps that connect unique data sources/format(s)

We’ll be tweeting out our favorite projects throughout the week and collecting them for a blog post to close out the Hackathon.

Tag us on Twitter (@langchainai) or send us a note at hello@langchain.dev. We can’t wait to see what you build!