[Week of 2/19] LangChain Release Notes

[Week of 2/19] LangChain Release Notes

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🚀 LangSmith Launch!

LangSmith is now generally available - no more waitlist! Sign up for free here.

🦜 Open Source LangGraph

Check out two new tutorials using LangGraph, our open-source framework for building stateful, multi-actor AI applications.

  • Use “reflection agents” to get better results by using LLMs to check the output of an initial pass. Includes papers like Reflexion and LATS: YouTube Walkthrough & Blog
  • Use “plan-and-execute” agents to better plan long-term objectives. Includes papers like ReWOO and LLM compiler: YouTube Walkthrough & Blog

💪 Retrieval

Our RAG From Scratch video series walks through important RAG concepts in short and focused videos with code. We’ve also released Chat-LangChain JS, an open source repo for building a RAG chatbot application end-to-end in JavaScript.

😍 From the Community

Check out some great resources from the community!