Chat-Your-Data Submissions

Chat-Your-Data Submissions

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Last week, we kicked off a week long competition to create a chatbot over your own data. The goal was to inspire (1) lots of document loaders for loading various types of data, (2) lots of end-to-end examples.

We succeeded on both fronts! On the document loader side, we added 25+ document loaders ranging from s3 to EveryNote to the College Confidential website.

One the end-to-end examples side, we're excited to highlight some of the projects below. As a reminder, the winner of the competition will be decided by whichever GitHub repo has the most stars at the end of the week - so if you like a particular one go star it!

The entrants are:


Ask Everything About Me

  • Author: Yongtae
  • Twitter: @Yoooongtae
  • GitHub Repo:
  • Description: This bot can do the following on your behalf: analyze your tweets and show you what you are interested in these days, answer questions about you from your blog or profile.

Roam QA

Chat-Your-Data Self Hosted

Chat With Data

Chat LangChain Telegram

Chat ISW Reports

Chat Your Data Chef

YouTuber Chatbot

Investor Education ChatChain

Bonus (non-valid) Submissions

There were also a series of submissions that will not be counted (due to not open source or created before the submission deadline), but that we still want to highlight because they are awesome :)


Paper QA

Any Questions

Reminder, if you like any particular one, make sure to star it! Winner's will be announced at the end of the week.