[Week of 10/30] LangChain Release Notes

[Week of 10/30] LangChain Release Notes

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Announcing LangChain Templates

A collection of easily deployable reference architectures for a wide variety of tasks so you can get going fast.

Favorite LangChain Templates

Data Annotation Queues

Newest feature in LangSmith–our SaaS platform for managing your LangChain applications.

  • Easily move datapoints from your production logs into a data annotation queue so you (and your teammates) can inspect your data and build up intuition for where the chain is not performing well.
  • Sign up for beta access to LangSmith.

In case you missed it

Coming Soon

  • Want to deploy templates with LangServe? Sign up for early access to Hosted LangServe.
  • What templates would you like to see? Request them on our LangChain Templates community board and we’ll do our best to create them!

See you in a couple weeks!