[Week of 10/16] LangChain Release Notes

[Week of 10/16] LangChain Release Notes

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Announcing LangServe

LangServe is the best way to deploy your LangChains. Blog Post. GitHub repo

  • Includes: Input/output schema, /docs endpoint, invoke/batch/stream endpoints, /stream_log endpoint for streaming intermediate steps, LangSmith integration
  • LangServe Playground & Configurability: The playground is designed to be an easy-to-use UI that you can easily share with your team members to let them best interact with your LangChains. Also built on core LangChain code so you can easily configure fields and alternatives (docs here).
  • Improvements to LangChain Expression Language: LangServe is made possible by improvements to LangChain Expression Language, our new syntax for writing chains. This includes better streaming, input/output schemas, intermediate results and more. Docs here.
  • LangServe webinar: 11/2 at 9amPT

New in LangSmith

  • Test Run Comparisons: Great AI engineers often manually inspect data to gain deep insights about problems. Score runs and compare with past runs in a straightforward UI showing inputs, reference/actual outputs, metrics, & more.

New Cookbooks

In case you missed it

Favorite Prompts

We launched LangChain Prompt Hub just over a month ago. This Roundup on the Prompt Landscape highlights what we’re seeing with examples.

Coming Soon

  • Building with LangChain Expression Language: LCEL is a great way to develop sophisticated LLM applications, even for beginners. We’re going to help more people get try it out in creative ways.
  • Path to Production Webinar (10/26): with Datastax and Skypoint
  • Reddit AMA (10/24) in r/langchain
  • LangServe Webinar (11/2): come learn about the recent introduction and features of LangServe, the best way to deploy LangChain apps