[Week of 8/7] LangChain Release Notes

[Week of 8/7] LangChain Release Notes

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New in LangSmith

  • Teams: You can now collaborate in LangSmith! We’ve released support for teams of up to five people. If you need more, get in touch at support@langchain.dev
  • Cookbooks: Learn how to get more out of LangSmith's debugging, testing, and feedback functionality with these end-to-end recipes in the LangSmith Cookbook repository. Cookbooks added so far: How to use LangSmith if you’re NOT using LangChain
  • What use-cases would you like to see? Tell us at hello@langchain.dev
  • UI updates: resizable columns in table views and enhanced navigation
  • Performance improvements and Bug Fixes: fixed stuttering occurring on run tree navigation

New in Open Source:

  • LangChain Expression Language:  a new syntax to create chains with composition. webinar recording here. Cookbook of examples rewriting popular chains here.
  • Conversational Retrieval Agents: There have been several emerging trends in LLM applications over the past few months: RAG, chat interfaces, agents. Our newest functionality - conversational retrieval agents - combines them all. blog post here.
  • Parent Document Retriever: A new retrieval algorithm that creates small chunks (to allow embeddings to have semantic meaning) and fetches the parent documents those chunks came from (to capture full context). Docs here.
  • Text Splitting Playground: Chunking text into appropriate splits is seemingly trivial yet very nuanced. Open sourcing a playground to help explore different text splitting strategies. GitHub here. Hosted Playground here.
  • Use Case Documentation: We’ve updated documentation to better highlight all the use cases of LangChain. Big shout out to community members Francisco Pingham and Manuel Soria for their help here!
  • LangChain.js + Next.js starter template: more streaming and prompt customization developer experience improvements via popular use-cases you can clone, remix, and deploy on Vercel in a few clicks

In case you missed it

Use-cases we love

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